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Hair Care Products


Hair care personally conceived, developed and formulated without compromise by John Sahag. The precise action of each individual product respects the natural integrity of hair and eliminates any and all possible problems that could get in the way of the creative process. If you are not familiar with the John Sahag Product line and who John Sahag was here is a brief introductory. John Sahag was a great hair designer that worked in Manhattan. His claim to fame is the dry haircut or a cut called by some designers as “Sahaging”. John Sahag died at the early age of 53 from cancer. From the professional perspective he left behind a great haircutting technique, and a great line of hair products.

White Sands

White Sands products use cutting-edge science with natural botanicals that make each formula dynamic and unique. White Sands formulas use ingredients that create heat shields, which behave like a second skin. White Sands blends natural botanicals, such as Heliogenol, lemon grass, and chamomile, that provide hair color protection and color enhancement. These high-performance formulas transform hair into beautiful, Flawless hair.

SUDZZfx Colour Care

SUDZZfx shampoos are sulfate-free, meaning that harsh detergents and ingredients aren’t included to create lather. SUDZZfx goes even further, making sure that the ingredients that are included for lather don’t combine to produce hidden sulfates.


milk_shake! offers a revolutionary range of high performance natural professional haircare products, containing milk proteins, fruit extracts and honey transforming the colour, beauty and wellbeing of your hair.


The name amika is derived from Latin and means “girlfriend” or “friend” in a number of the Romance languages. Infusing the latest technology with a creative edge, amika tools and hair care are born to perform and live to impress and truly live up to their name as hair’s best friend. amika is an independently owned boutique company that encourages a dynamic culture where creativity can flow freely.